September 12, 2021 Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 11,2021 – Saturday
    4:00 PM sp. Mildred Matwiejczyk from Matthews Family
        sp. Capt. John Ogonowski (20th Anniversary) from Family
        sp. Victoria Bason from Michael and Joanie

September 12,2021 – Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    8:30 AM sp. Edward Milczarek from Pierogi Workers

September 18,2021 – Saturday
    4:00 PM sp. Gladys and Westy Jaskolka from Michael and Marcia Crowley
        sp. Beverly Doyle from Walter Doyle and Family
        sp. Maciejewski and Kopec Families from Family

September 19,2021 – Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    8:30 AM sp. Andrzej Ciuksa
        sp. Msgr. Stanley Kempa

Monday – Friday
    12 Noon Mass at Saints Campus Chapel with Fr. Raju

Please pray for all our parishioners and their families during these trying times.
Please remember in your prayers Fr. Sannella, Fr. Raju, Fr. Janusz and Fr. Healey.

As we commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks in New York, Shanksville, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon, it is a time for remembrance, resolve and renewal.

Please come and join us here at Holy Trinity Church for a Holy Hour of Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament on Tuesday, September 14th at 7 PM on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. We will pray and also venerate the Relic of the Holy Cross that is with us at every Mass just below The Crucified Christ. Let us be filled with Jesus’ love, peace and joy as we unite our crosses to Christ’s on the Holy Cross.

The Sunday Coffee Social will resume this Sunday, September 12.

Offertory: Last week $1697
    Catholic University Collection $355
    Thank You.

Thank You to the following donors to the Parish Fund:
    Nocturnal Adoration Society
    Marek and Teresa Ancukiewicz

Second Collections for the month of September:
    Sept. 11/12 - Monthly Maintenance Collection
    Sept. 18/19 - Archdiocesan Clergy Trust
    Sept. 25/26 - Holy Trinity Cemetery Fund

In order to satisfy the latest archdiocesan mandates, we have reserved the left-hand most side of the church directly in front of the Sacred Heart statue and between the posted signs for those wearing masks and who wish to be seated only with others wearing masks.

Upcoming Fund Raiser
The parish will be holding a HOMEMADE POLISH FOOD TAKE OUT on Saturday, Nov. 13, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the Parish Hall. This is a pre-order, pre-pay function with orders and payment to be submitted by
Oct. 29. Order forms will be available starting the weekend of Oct. 2/3.

Life may be different, but life can go on after the death of a loved one and you can once again experience peace and joy. Join us for an afternoon retreat of prayer, fellowship and reflection in remembrance of your loved one. Saturday, September 18,2021 12 Noon to 5:30 PM St. Catherine Church 107 North Main St., Westford, MA 01886
Join us! All are welcome – bring your family and friends!
Please RSVP to Sue Gormley by September 16th.
Email or call her at 978-320-4210.

Pennsylvania Amish-Lands Tour Re-Scheduled
Fr. John Hogan, of St. William’s, will host a Pennsylvania Amish lands Tour Nov. 8-11,2021. The highlight of the Tour will be a live performance of “Queen Esther” at the Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster.
Experience one of the most riveting Bible stories of the Old Testament as it comes to life with magnificent sets, special effects and live animals in this brand-new original stage production.
The tour will include a guided tour of the Amish Countryside and also a performance of “Winter Wonderland” at the American Music Theatre. For Tour Group information, please call Fr. Hogan at 978-851-7331. Because of the popularity of this tour, please register by October 1st. The tour cost will include motor coach transportation from St. William’s in Tewksbury on November 8th.

Quote from Pope Francis
The Eucharist is not the reward of saints, but the bread of sinners.