June 30, 2024 – July 14, 2024

June 29, 2024 – Saturday
    4:00 PM sp. Sophia Bonczar from Deacon Steve and Betty Papik
        sp. Kevin Sharkey from Anna Milczarek
        sp. Helen Buczek from Holy Trinity Senior Citizens Club
June 30, 2024 – Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    9:00 AM sp. Cezary Krzych from Andrzej Najwer
        sp. Msgr. Stanley Kempa (10th Anniversary) from Bator Family
        sp. Mikołaj Andrejaszko from Andrejaszko Family
        sp. Zofia Glowacka
July 5, 2024 – First Friday
    7:00 – 10:00 PM Nocturnal Adoration
        July 6, 2024 – First Saturday
    1:00- 2:30 PM Marian Fatima Devotions
July 6, 2024 – Saturday
    4:00 PM sp. Jacek and Mary from Family
        sp. Valerie Kinnal Cummings from Jane Oczkowski
        sp. Lou J. Bruschi from Milczarek and Lopez Families
July 7, 2024 – Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    9:00 AM sp. Lidia Boczko from Ancukiewicz Family
        sp. Stefan, Michalina, Wacława, Frank and Frances Doda from Terry Janeczak and Family
        sp. Andrzej Ciuksa
July 13, 2024 – Saturday
    4:00 PM sp. Stupakewicz Family from Family
        sp. Julia Kinnal from Jane Oczkowski
        sp. Gabrielle Monette
July 14, 2024 – Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    9:00 AM sp. Grażyna i Zbigniew Krzych
        sp. Zdzisław Głowacki from Ancukiewicz Family
        sp. Joseph Olivier and Charles and Betty from Moskal Family
Monday – Friday
    12 noon Mass at Saints Campus Chapel

Please pray for all our parishioners and their families and for those who minister to us – Fr. Sannella, Fr. Janusz, Fr. Healey, Fr. Raju and Deacon Steve.

The 2025 Mass Intentions Book is now available. Requests for Masses may be made by calling the rectory or by stopping by the rectory during Monday office hours, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

    Weekend June 16 $1214
    Promoting the Gospel $487
    Weekend June 23 $1312
    Cemetery Fund $528
Thank you

Thank you to the following donors to the Parish Fund:
Richard and Kathy Vinal
Barbara O’Connell

During the weekend of July 6/7, a representative from the Marist Fathers will visit us and speak on behalf of the missions. Please be as generous as you can in that weekend’s second collection.

Second collections for July
July 13/14 - Monthly Maintenance Collection
July 20/21 and July 27/28 - Cemetery Fund

Senior Citizens Club News: The annual “Cookout’ will take place on Wednesday, July 10, beginning with Mass at noon. If you plan to attend, please sign up with Anna Milczarek (978-937-3866) by Friday, July 5.

Reminder: Returns for raffle tickets are due by Friday, July 11. The drawing will be held on Saturday, July 13.

Healing takes many forms
Many gospel stories are of the miraculous variety; they’re “supernatural” - above nature- in order to focus on God’s power over everything, including natural things like illness. One of the keys to “miraculous” healing is trust in God, whether the outcome is an actual cure or the acceptance of one’s situation. Either way, suffering eases.

“Grace does not destroy nature but perfects it,” wrote Saint Thomas Aquinas. Let the grace of faith bring healing to your life.
Reprinted with permission from TakeFiveForFaith.com.

We have received from God the great gift that is freedom. If it is not used well, freedom can lead us away from God, can make us lose the dignity with which He has clothed us.
--- Pope Francis

During the months of June, July and August, the bulletin will be published every other week.

Happy Fourth of July