July 15, 2018 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 14, 2018 – Saturday Sobota
    4:00 PM sp. John F. Lawless, Sr. from Wife Jeanette Lawless
        sp. John “Jack” Mahoney (2nd Anniversary) from Sintros Family

July 15, 2018 – Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    8:30 AM sp. Zdzisław Glowacki from Teresa
        sp. Msgr. Stanisław Kempa and Andrzej Ciuksa
    Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help following Mass

July 21, 2018 – Saturday Sobota
    4:00 PM sp. Al Granatek from Family
        sp. Teresa Stopyra from Mary Dudek

July 22, 2018 – Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    8:30 AM sp. Anna and Henryk Krysiak from Family
        sp. Marcin Moskal
Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help following Mass

Please pray for all the intentions in the bulletin and for all the sick of the Parish, especially those in a hospital or nursing home.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Ann Peirce who was buried in our cemetery this past week.

Offertory: Last Week $1992
    Peter’s Pence Collection $451
    Thank You

Thank you to the following donor(s) to the Parish Fund:
    Frances Paduch

The second collection this weekend is the Monthly Utilities Collection.

House of Hope is in need of volunteers this summer:
Once a week playroom volunteers (must be 16+ without a parent), Mondays – Thursdays 6-8pm
Dinner volunteers – to serve and do cleanup, Monday – Friday 4:30 – 6:30 pm
Volunteer groups (6-12 People) weeknights 6 – 8 pm or Saturday mid morning or early afternoon to lead children in arts and crafts/indoor and outdoor play
Housekeeping volunteers – hours and days flexible to aid in shelter cleaning.

All volunteers must go through an orientation prior to start date. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering please contact Jennifer Grant at
jennifer.grant@houseofhopelowell.org or call 978-458-2870.

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We’re not alone

“Through him, with him, in him.” This phrase from the Eucharistic Prayer we hear at every Mass says a lot with a few well-chosen prepositions. Whatever it is we’re out there doing, we’re never doing it alone. It’s through Christ that we serve the needs of our families, friends, and strangers too with our charity. It’s with Christ that we suffer burdens of loss, betrayal, sickness, loneliness. It’s in Christ that we’re strengthened to speak the truth, seek justice, and promote peace with our words and actions. Take a moment to ground yourself in Christ.

Reprinted with permission from TakeFiveForFaith.com.

Summer Holds

A touch of velvet, the bloom of a rose,
The fragrance of flowers and honey in groves,
Christened the morning with a heavenly scent
On the breeze of the solstice when springtime is spent.
The crystal blue sky holds a whisper of cloud,
And birds that sing praise to the Creator, aloud.
On wing, they’re like angels with colorful hue
That worship and love Him, eternity through.
Summer holds dreams that we had as a child,
A sock full of memories of youth running wild;
Trusting the Savior on instinct that grows,
The basis of faithfulness that only God knows.
Summer holds warm nights with diamonds above,
Such jewels are the treasure, a troth of pure love,
Embodied in Heaven where the greedy can’t steal
And dreamers envision what pleasures are real.
Summer holds romance, Summer holds youth,
Summer holds fantasy, Summer holds truth;
Enchantment from Nature, all sunny and bright,
With long days of wonder and short dreams at night.
God blesses the Summer with His own gentle touch,
With color and fragrance, we all love so much.
He created this time so our spirits can rest
In knowing He loves us, His chosen and best.

Nancy Watson Dodrill