October 20, 2019 Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 19, 2019 – Saturday Sobota
    4:00 PM sp. Michealine and Zoltan Papik from Deacon Steve and Betty Papik
        sp. Donald Donahue from Marcia and Michael Crowley
        sp. Henry W. Oczkowski from Jane Oczkowski

October 20, 2019 – Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    8:30 AM sp. Stacia Morin from Margaret St. Peter
        sp. Janina Furmanek (40th Anniversary) from Christine Hologa
    Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help following Mass

October 26, 2019, 2019 – Saturday Sobota
    4:00 PM Memorial Mass

October 27, 2019 – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    8:30 AM sp. Charles, Betty and Joseph Olivier from John Moskal
    Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help following Mass

Please pray for all the intentions in the bulletin and for all the sick of the Parish, especially those in a hospital or nursing home.
Please remember in your prayers Frank Kurpis, who recently passed away, Sandra Pizzano, who was buried in our cemetery this past week and Robert Martel, whose funeral took place this past week.

Offertory: Last Weekend $1334
    For the Holy Father and Missionary Efforts $361
    Thank you.

Thank you to the following donors to the Parish Fund:
    Maria Urbowicz
    Marianne Staid
    Frank Panek

The second collection this weekend is for World Mission Sunday.
The Masses on November 2 and 3 will be said for those whose names are on the November 2 All Souls Day envelopes. Please return the envelopes next weekend ( a week early) so that they may be placed on the altar on November 2 and 3. These envelopes may be placed along with your weekly donation in the one collection.

The Holy Trinity Senior Citizens Club is holding its annual "Fall Festival” downstairs in the Parish Hall on Saturday, November 2, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Our kitchen includes kielbasa sandwiches and homemade golabki, pierogi, kapusta and chop suey. As always, we will be having the multi-ethnic bake table and the raffle section with its variety of enticing prizes. There will also be a silent auction with two valuable items. Oplatki will also be available. The raffle drawing will take place shortly after the 4:00 PM Mass. Come and bring your family and friends to help support the Club and Parish, which receives a large portion of the profits from this event. Hope to see you there.
The deadline for donations for the festival has been extended to Monday, October 21.
Calling all Bakers: Baked goods are needed for the Bake Table at the November 2 festival. Donations may be brought to the Parish Hall on Friday, November 1, between 9:00 AM and 12 Noon.

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
We’re stronger together
Most things are easier when shared. We stick to the diet if our spouse commits to it. We exercise with more discipline if a friend meets us at the gym. Working late is less lonely if others in the office agree to put in the extra hours. Is it any wonder Moses can raise his hands in prayer longer if he has company in his exhausting vigil? As the church observes World Mission Sunday, we recall the great commission we share to bring good news to all the earth. Together, we can bring light to all the dark places.
Reprinted with permission from TakeFiveForFaith.com.

Live Each Day
Each day that we live
Is a gift from above,
A sign of God’s goodness
And His great love.
Learn to appreciate Nature,
God’s earth, sea, and sky-
All these are treasures
Money cannot buy.
Live each day to the fullest
While you are here,
For the Lord will sustain you
And always be near.