April 22, 2018 Fourth Sunday of Easter

April 21, 2018 – Saturday Sobota
    4:00 PM sp. Jan and Helena Dawidowicz from Ogonowski Family
        sp. Julia Kinnal from Jane Oczkowski

April 22, 2018 – Fourth Sunday of Easter
    8:30 AM sp. Janeczak Family from Edward and Teresa
        sp. Józefa Władysław Najwer and Anastazja Antoni Wilk za Rodziców
    Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help following Mass

April 28, 2018 – Saturday Sobota
    4:00 PM sp. Gerry and Aldea Surprenant from Nieces
        sp. Mrs. Florence Bradshaw (1st Anniversary) from The Tsioulis Family

April 29, 2018 – Fifth Sunday of Easter
    8:30 AM sp. Msgr. Stanisław Kempa and Andrzej Ciuksa
        sp. Karol Szafran from Debbie and Jack Carroll
    Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help following Mass

Please pray for all the intentions in the bulletin and for all the sick of the Parish, especially those in a hospital or nursing home.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of John Finneral whose funeral took place this past week.

Offertory: Last Week $1852

Thank you to the following donor(s) to the Parish Fund:
    Frances Nowak in memory of John Finneral

The second collection next weekend supports three important national Catholic missions – the Military Archdiocese, the Home Missions and the Black and Native American evangelization and outreach programs. Please use one of the envelopes marked “Special Offering” from your mini-packet.

Festival News: On Saturday, May 19, the parish will hold its 10th Annual Polish Food Festival downstairs in the Parish Hall from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Traditional Polish food, including homemade gołąbki, pierogi, kapusta, mushroom soup and kotlety mieloni (Polish style hamburgers) will be on the menu. The Festival also includes our multi-ethnic Bake Table and popular Raffle Section. Join us for some delicious food and a chance to win scratch tickets, cash or gift cards.

Reminder: Members of the Festival Planning Committee will be available at the Masses this weekend to collect donations of lottery tickets, gift cards or cash for the upcoming Polish Food Festival. Your donations will be used to help in putting together the raffle prizes and to defray the costs of running the Festival. Donations may also be dropped in the rectory mail slot or mailed to the rectory, but no later than April 29. Thank you in advance for your support.

Thank you to all who helped with the dinner/dance. Through their efforts, $1314 was raised for the parish. Thank you also to those in attendance for their support.

Thank you to those who planned last weekend’s Polka Mass. We look forward to this special Mass every spring.

Update on some expenses over the last few months:
In addition to the regular gas and electric bills, oil for this heating season cost $20,545. We did not need a new boiler for the church as was expected in the fall. However, repairs to the church heating system cost $3580. Your contributions to the Utilities Collections are of the utmost importance for the viability of the parish.

April 22 ~ Fourth Sunday of Easter
“I am the good shepherd, I know mine and mine know me.” These words from today’s Gospel hold both comfort and challenge! Are we willing to respond to what Christ asks of us? We are not asked to “go it alone.” We have the promise of Christ’s presence as we go out to others and share the “Good News.” Take time this week in prayer to listen to the voice of our Good Shepherd and ask for the grace to be responsive to His call.