February 25, 2024 Second Sunday of Lent

February 24, 2024 – Saturday
    4:00 PM sp. Lenny Olenick from Family
        sp. Capt. John Ogonowski from Family
        sp. Helen Buczek from Deacon Steve and Betty Papik
February 25, 2024 – Second Sunday of Lent
    9:00 AM sp. Mary Dudek from Moskal Family
        sp. Stanisław Ancukiewicz from Ancukiewicz Family
        sp. Józefa and Piotr Kołodziej from Helena
    Gorzkie Żale after Mass
March 1, 2024 – First Friday
    7:00 – 10:00 PM Nocturnal Adoration
March 2, 2024 – First Saturday
    1:00 – 2:30 PM Marian Fatima Devotions
March 2, 2024 – Saturday
    4:00 PM sp. Ted Siara from Sharkey Family
        sp. Helen Buczek from Paula Logue
        sp. Irene and Theodore Golembeski From Lawless and O’Connell Families
March 3, 2024 – Third Sunday of Lent
    9:00 AM sp. Jozefa and Wladyslaw Najwer from Andrzej Najwer
        sp. Helen Buczek from Ted and Anna
        Gorzkie Żale after Mass

Monday – Friday
    12 Noon Mass at Saints Campus Chapel

Please pray for all our parishioners and their families and for those who minister to us – Fr. Sannella, Fr. Janusz, Fr. Healey, Fr. Raju and Deacon Steve.

Stations of the Cross – 5:00 PM
    Fridays, March 1, 15 – English
    Fridays, March 8, 22 – Polish
A light meal will follow in the Parish Hall.

Gorzkie Żale will be sung after the 9:00 AM Mass every Sunday in Lent.

    Weekend $1713
    Ash Wednesday $365
    Cemetery Fund $537

Thank you to the following donors to the Parish Fund:
    Frances A. Nowak
    Lamar K. Hall

The second collection next weekend is for Easter Flowers. Please be as generous as possible to help beautify our altars at this glorious season. Envelopes are available at the ushers’ stands.

The second round of offertory envelopes in our new system have been mailed out. If you have not received yours, please contact the rectory.

Found: A locket was found in front of the Church. To claim, please call the rectory.


Cardinal Sean states that the Catholic Appeal is an exercise of love.
It strengthens the Archdiocese’s essential ministries, bringing awareness, care, and compassion into our parishes and communities. For many, the line between hope and despair is thin. The Appeal serves as a tangible sign of our concern for those in need and allows us to bring them the presence of the Lord, to heal brokenness and restore hope. For so very many, our outreach is the light that helps them find a way forward.

Please consider your support of the Catholic Appeal.

What’s in your Heart?
- Sacrificial love is the theme of today’s readings. Explore the ways love and sacrifice have informed your own life.
- Jesus’ sacrifice brings my salvation. How is that possible? How do I hear that truth?
- What sacrifices have others made for me? What has my response been?
- What sacrifices have I made out of love? How did those acts inform my faith?
- God commands us to listen to his son.
- How do I become a better listener? How can I help others follow Pope Francis’ call to be a listening church?
Reprinted with permission from Prepare the Word (©2024), www.PrepareTheWord.com.

The 2024 Lenten Campaign has launched! Our 40 Days for Life Campaign runs from Ash Wednesday through March 24th. Is God calling you to pray and sacrifice for the lives being lost to abortion this Lent? Please visit www.40daysforlife.com/en/boston for more information. Please join us! February 18, 2024 First Sunday of Lent