May 28, 2023 Pentecost Sunday

May 27, 2023 - Saturday
    4:00 PM sp. Rose Panek and Stacia Wojtas from Frank Panek
        sp. Mary Oczkowski from Jane Oczkowski
        sp. Sr. Frances Marion Bonczar from Anna Milczarek

May 28, 2023 - Pentecost Sunday
    9:00 AM sp. Herman and Joanne Suit from Ancukiewicz Family
        sp. Grażyna Krzych
        sp. John, Yvette and Douglas from Ted and Anna

May 29, 2023 - Monday, Memorial Day
    9:00 AM Rosary
    Mass for Those Buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery

June 2, 2023 - First Friday
    7:00 - 10:00 PM Nocturnal Adoration

June 3, 2023 - First Saturday
    1:00 - 2:30 PM Marian Fatima Devotions

June 3, 2023 - Saturday
    4:00 PM sp. Emil Buczek from Buczek Family
        sp. Felix and Vincent Karwoski from Lawless and O'Connell Families
        sp. Alexander Ogonowski from Ogonowski Family

June 4, 2023 - The Most Holy Trinity
    9:00 AM sp. Mikołaj Andrejaszko
        sp. Andrzej Ciuksa
        sp. Msgr. Stanley Kempa

Monday - Friday
    12 Noon Mass at Saints Campus Chapel with Fr. Raju.

Please pray for all our parishioners and their families and for those who minister to us - Fr. Sannella, Fr. Janusz, Fr. Healey, Fr. Raju and Deacon Steve.

The annual Memorial Day liturgies will be held on Monday, May 29, at Holy Trinity Cemetery, weather permitting. Rosary and Mass will begin at 9:00 AM. We suggest you have a good breakfast and bring water and a chair. If it rains, the liturgies will be held in the church.

The rectory will be closed on Monday, May 29, due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

    Last weekend $1177
    Cemetery Fund $344
    Ascension Thursday $265
Thank You.

Thank you to the following donor(s) to the Parish Fund: Mary Ann Szufharowski in Memory of Janina Stopyra.

This weekend's second collection supports the formation and training of seminarians in the Archdiocese of Boston for future service as priests. Please be generous and support these seminarians.

Second collections for June:
    June 3 - Cemetery Fund
    June 10 - Monthly Maintenance Collection
    June 17 - Promoting the Gospel
    June 24 - Cemetery Fund

As this weekend marks the beginning of summer, we all heave a sigh of relief and say goodbye to those large heating bills. From last November through May, the oil bills for the Parish amounted to $26, 587 and maintenance to the heating systems cost $2, 285. We would like to remind everyone that the Parish requests that each family donates $350 each year to the Parish Fund. This can be paid in installments and at any time in a calendar year. In addition, we appreciate your weekly contributions that continue to support the Parish.

Don't be afraid to seek this grace
Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins, and anyone who's spent an hour in catechism class has heard this statement. How curious then that the forgiveness of sins remains in a dusty corner of many church proclamations. Count the homilies and teachings you've heard - or given - that highlight forgiveness as opposed to those that provide a litany of moral wrongdoing. If forgiveness is the message, why does it sound more like judgment in the mouths of religious leaders?
Forgiveness is not amnesty, not a pardon or a dropping of all charges because of a technicality. Nor does it mean that God is soft on crime or indifferent to the demands of justice. Yet it speaks volumes-in the clear tones of the language of Pentecost- that God uses absolute power to obtain not absolute judgment, but mercy for sinners. We who know ourselves to be sinners should run to this grace, flock to it. And church leaders should fight each other to be at the head of this line, to demonstrate their confidence in the value of this treasure.
Reprinted with permission from Prepare The Word (©2023), www.PrepareThe