Parish History

Parish History

Holy Trinity Parish of Lowell, Massachusetts had a small beginning around the year 1893. By 1899 the few grew into such larger numbers that there were now thoughts of a Polish priest and their own parish. Toward that end Father John Chmielinski, pastor of the Polish parish in South Boston, promised aid. A fund was started to buy land on which the church was to be built. In the meantime, Mass was being said in the basement of the French church of St. Joseph on Paige Street by Father Chmielinski, Father Czubek and Father Duda. In 1903 land was purchased on High Street and in the spring of 1904 building of the church began. The architect was Sheehan of Boston and the contractor Clark of Boston. In June of 1904 Archbishop Williams commissioned Father Stanislaus Alexander Ogonowski to live in Lowell and the canonical mission to organize and establish the Polish church. There were about 80 Polish families excluding the single people. Although the church was practically roofed, Mass was still being said in the basement of St. Joseph's Church.

On 19 September 1904 consecration of the new church took place by Bishop Allen of Mobile diocese who was a native of Lowell and vacationing at the time in Lowell. Priests from the neighboring parishes and members of St. Michael's Society, the only existing society at the time, were in attendance of the blessing of the Holy Trinity Church. A house was rented near the church to serve as a rectory.

The following year after the consecration of the Church, Father Ogonowski undertook the task of a Polish parochial school in Lowell, at which time there were no such schools in existence. He rented a hall and hired a couple of teachers. A few years later the first pastor started to build the school. In 1907 the eight classroom school was placed under the patronage of the youth saint -- St. Stanislaus Kostka. It was the first Polish parochial school in the Archdiocese of Boston.

In 1910, the Felician Sisters undertook to staff the school. The Sisters arrived form the Mother house in Buffalo, New York.

The parishoners of Holy Trinity had still another goal in mind...their own cementery. In 1927 five acres of land was purchased across from St. Patrick's cementery.

After World War II a beautiful crucifixion scene and altar were erected in marble where Mass is said every Memorial Day. At the base of this altar lie the remains of parishoners who paid the supreme sacrifice for their country.

The present has to look to the future to survive. And so it was with Holy Trinity. Realizing that the youth is the future and backbone of the parish, plans were put into effect in 1948 for a Youth Center where the Youth of the parish could recreate and receive religious instructions under the auspices of the Church.

This dream was realized in 1954 when the Youth Center was dedicated at the Golden Jubilee celebration of the parish.

Since its beginning Holy Trinity Parish had been led spiritually and honorably by Msgr. S. A. Ogonowski who was our founding pastor and served the parish from 1904 until 1955. Succeeding Msgr. Ogonowski was Father Edward Naguszewski who served the parish community from 1955 unitl 1976. Msgr. John Abucewicz served as pastor from 1976 until 1995. Father Jon C. Martin served as pastor from 1995 until 1997. Father Stanislaw Kempa was made administrator of the parish in 1997 and presently serves our parish community.